Arab Company for Computer manufacturing - Elkaraphy Group

Al-Kharafi Group visionary and progressive leadership has created the Arab Company for Computer Manufacturing ( ACCM ), EMAK high tech Trading Agency, EMAK Academy and many other companies, the Group is investing heavily in the high-tech industry and is contributing in building the high tech know how infrastructure and industry in Egypt. 
Al-Kharafi Group of companies employs modern effective Management methodologies and processes, focus on people development, motivation and effectiveness. They are all working to acquire, develop high-tech know-how and capability through building strong teams that comprise engineering, business development, advanced planning, operations, sales marketing, and finance teams, they all work to achieve 
Al-Kharafi Group goals, and leverage their position within the group and Egypt 's well educated and skilful manpower to achieve growth and diversification while conducting successful business, Al-Kharafi Group will use Egypt as the launch pad to spread the know-how to all Arab countries. 
ACCM Arab Company for Computer Manufacturing Founded as Share Holder Enterprise for Electronics & Computers Manufacturing in 2004, started operation by Dec. 2005 under the Law of Investments, initial Investment capital is 25 million USD, share Holders are Al-Kharafi Group (71%), the rest ( 39%) is shared between Telecom Egypt, Ministry of Education, Arab Industrialization Corporation AOI,NOMP Banha, and Akhbar El-Youm Investment Company.

Entity Role in the alliance:

Design and manufacturing of smart cards needed for Smart meter