Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI)

EPRI, is a governmental organization founded by the Presidential Decree 541 of the year 1974, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology to develop studies & applications within the Petroleum sector, and to find solutions, to both long and short runs technical problems.To effectively carry out this essential role the Ministry of Petroleum is authorized for up to 50% of the EPRI’s Board of Director shares; the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources is the Head of EPRI Board, as well as other members who are carefully elected by the him to support and backup EPRI mission. This unique relation, between the Ministry of the Scientific Research and the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, has granted EPRI, a special status linking between two industries;  on one hand, EPRI is totally integrated in the national oil Industry difficulties and obstacles. On the other hand, being a research institute has acknowledge its credibility.

EPRI, state of the art facilities supports its R&D activities. Facilities include analytical service, technical consultation, training programs, technical inspection, production of local oil field chemicals as a replacement for imported ones and solution for environmental problems.

Entity Role in the alliance:

  1. Gas sensors chemical  materials preparation

  2. Evaluation of the selectivity efficiency

  3. Calibration and measurements of prepared sensors