STCE (Science Technology Center of Excellency-Military Production)

The STCE Center aims through coordination with the National Organization for Military Production, its companies and subordinate units to help them in achieving their goals through the next:

  • The Center plays a leading role in the implementation of research projects of Military Production Sector and the development of its implementation mechanism in the Authority and its companies.
  • Doing design work for the benefit of theNOMP Companies and help them in the design and development of existing products or develop new technologies or products or updating their production lines.
  • Assistance in the introduction of integrated manufacturing systems in the design and manufacturing of the sister companies.
  • Assistance in the implementation and testing of prototypes according to the designs settled by the Center (or transferred from the companies for review) and make the necessary adjustments to the designs.
  • Cooperation with the Armed Forces in successfully research projects.
  • Engineering Consultation for Military Production Companies and others parties.
  • Documentation of the ended research and production licenses for sister companies.
  • Activities of graduate studies and training of specialized personnel.
  • Utilization of Surplus capacity in providing services to the rest of the sectors of the state.


To compile & mobilize all resources on both the national& international levels to create an entity capable to develop stat- of – art advanced technology system Design of complex control mechanisms and real time prototype testing Information management &decision support center.


To establish in Egypt a world class center for applied science& technology research and development to serve the defense industry.

Entity Role in the alliance:

Smart meter testing and accreditation.