Prof. Dr . Ahmed Mohamed Attiya Salem

Head of Microwave Engineering Dept. in Electronics Research Institute.






Prof. Ahmed received his B.Sc. in 1990" Electronics and Communication Engineering" Excellent with Honor Degree, Zagazig University, Shoubra Faculty of Engineering Electrical Communication Dept., On 1996 he received M.Sc. Electronics a Communication Engineering Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Arbitrary Shape Linear Microstrip Antennas: Single Element, Finite Phased Array and Infinite Phased Array”.

On 2001 he received Ph.D. Electronics and Communication Engineering Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering "Transverse Electric (TE) Electromagnetic X-Wave: Propagation, Scattering, Diffraction and Generation Problems".

He promoted as Designer Engineer in 1990-1991, then as Researcher Associate in 1991-2002, as a Researcher (Assistant Professor)in 2002- 2006 then as a Associate Professor in 2006-2012 and a Full Professor; Head of microwave Engineering Dept. in 2012- till Now

He has experiences in Electromagnetics in non-conventional materials like carbon nanotubes, chiral medium, fractional space medium and metamaterials, Ultra Wideband Antennas, Frequency Selective Surfaces, and Photonic Band Gap Structures, Analysis, Design, and Test X-Band Transmitter System in The Space Segment (Egyptian Space Program).

Propagation in Periodic Structures Such as Photonic Band Gap Structures and Frequency Selective Surfaces. (University of Mississippi USA, 2004-05)

Experimental and Analytical Study of Ultra Wideband Signal Propagation in Indoor Environment. This study was based on both Time Domain and Frequency Domain Measurements in a bandwidth from 100 MHz to nearly 12 GHz. (Virginia Tech USA, 2002-03)

Theoretical Study of Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes. (Virginia Tech USA, 2002-03)

Studying Antenna Near Field Measurements. (Electronics Research Institute Egypt, 2001-02)

Analysis and Investigation of The Properties of X-Wave Propagation, Scattering, Diffraction, and Methods of Generation (Electronics Research Institute Egypt, 1996-2000)

Analysis and Design of Microstrip Antennas for Different Applications, Studying Propagation, Scatting and Diffraction Problems, and Performing Microwave and Antenna Measurements. (Electronics Research Institute Egypt, 1991-96)

Installing and Maintaining Phone Patch System, and Designing, Installing and Maintaining Automatic Fire Fighting Systems (Electrolab, 1990-91).

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