ERI constitutes seven departments that include more than two hundred research members to be one of the largest research entities in Egypt.

1. Computers and Systems

National and regional experts in the area of computer engineering and systems, read more.

2. Informatics

Conducting scientific studies, research, applied research and training in the field of computer science and information systems, read more.

3. Microelectronics

Establishing a distinguished center for microelectronics and microsystems technology in the region. Using innovative technology to cultivate a talent pool of researchers and enable industrial enterprises to be technically competitive, read more.

4. Microstrip Engineering

Recognized for analysis, design, simulation and fabrication of hybrid integrated circuits. using photolithographic technique such as thin film technology and photolithographic technique, read more.

5. Microwave Engineering

Leading research and innovations in the fields of antennas, electromagnetic wave propagation. scattering and diffraction problems, optics and optical communication hardware and other problems related to microwave circuits and systems, read more.

6. Photovoltaic

Research in the fields of solar energy and all other renewable energy systems with their terrestrial and space applications, read more.

7. Power Electronics

Research in the fields of power electronics electrical machines and drives. factory automation, power and control systems, read more.