Photovoltaic Dept

Research in the fields of solar energy and all other renewable energy systems with their terrestrial and space applications,

Research areas

1.Design, operation and control of PV systems and their terrestrial and space applications

2.Hydrogen energy and its applications

3.Solar thermal systems and their applications

4.Renewable energy systems in smart electrical grid

5.Fabrication of solar cells and modules

6.Renewable energy systems and their (PV, Wind, Fuel Cell, Geothermal, Tidal, Hydro, Solar Thermal, Biomass... etc) applications

7.Stand alone PV systems and their applications

8.Hybrid renewable energy systems and their applications

9.Grid connected renewable energy systems and their applications

10.Environmental studies and their applications


1. Photovoltaic.

2. Fuel cells.

3. Meteorological.


Department consists of 20 members of  research staff and professional engineers, meet the staff.

Research Plan 2017