Microwave Engineering

Leading research and innovations in the fields of antennas, electromagnetic wave propagation. scattering and diffraction problems, optics and optical communication hardware and other problems related to microwave circuits and systems,

Research areas

1. Smart antennas

2. Antenna design and analysis

3. Antenna measurement techniques

4. Electromagnetic simulation and numerical codes

5. Ground penetrating radar and buried object detection

6. Electromagnetic cloaking and RCS reduction

7. Microwave software defined radio

8. Meta materials and meta surfaces applications in antennas and absorbers

9. Quantum dot in optical communications

10. Synthetic aperture radar and remote sensing


1. Software defined radio.

2. Novel planar antennas for wireless communication.


1. Microwave measurements.

2. Antenna measurements.

3. Optical measurements.


Departments consists of 17 members of  research staff and professional engineers in the field of electromagnetic waves engineering and its technological applications in various engineering and scientific fields, meet the staff.