Announcement (RFI)


Establishing A Clean Room Facility for Semi-Industrial Electronics Fabrication

The Electronics Research Institute (ERI), established in 1989, is one of the specialized institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Scientific Research. ERI considered an experience house in conducting studies and research in fields of electronics engineering, communication, computer and systems, informatics, new and renewable energy. ERI is composed of seven departments: Computer and Systems, Informatics, Power Electronics and Energy Conversion, Microelectronics, Photovoltaic, Microwave Engineering, and Micro-strip Department.

The institute has more than two hundred and eighty-eight researcher, making it one of the largest research institutes in Egypt in the field of electronics engineering.

An area of seventeen thousand square meters was allocated to constructing the new premises of the institute at the beginning of Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road (El-Nozha Elgadida Area).

The new premises include a clean room building with an area of about 600 square meters. The dedicated building for the clean room is a 3-storey building and its main structure is already finished.

On April 5, 2019, ERI has signed an agreement with Egyptian Military Technical Collage (MTC) as the owner consultant for establishing the first semi-industrial clean room facility in the new location of ERI

ERI seeks information through this RFI to understand cross-cutting as well as specific manufacturing challenges that if addressed could provide the underlying motivation for the formation of the electronics fabrication facility.

Participants are encouraged to hand-in technical and financial proposals for the disclosed requirements within this RFI.

The purpose of this RFI is to solicit feedback from industry, academia, research laboratories, and other agencies on specific issues and topics related to the   establishment of clean room facility for semi-industrial electronics fabrication and research through specific Topical/Technical Focus Areas described in the attached file.  Please click here.

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